Pushing Past the 5km

I am not naturally a runner. I don’t feel like my body naturally strides or moves to the running beat, and I often find running uncomfortable. I find it hard. And so for that exact reason I force myself to get out there and hit the pavement (or trail) a few times a week. Because, magically, once I’m done my run (which while doing I was constantly thinking ‘WHY DID I MAKE MYSELF DO THIS’), I’m all ‘Hey, that sucked, but I did it anyways, thus I’m flippin’ amazing’. Because it’s good to challenge myself and push through mental barriers.

However, somehow in my head any distance over 5km is impossible. 4.9km? Great! 5km? Amazing! 5.01km? Dream on! 10km? Obviously only for super-human’s.



So this morning when I woke up, I was all “Today’s the day I run more then 5km… In fact I’ll run 7km”

And then the anxiety and avoidance set in….

And then I was all “Do I really have time to run 7km, maybe I should just run 4km…”

But nope. I did it. And now I’m sweaty. And I’m writing about it so I can remind myself, that I should do it more often.

In fact, according to Map my Run, I ran 7.5 km. Ha, take that.

funnyrunNeed some more inspiration to run? Watch this TED talk….


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