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Guess who signed up for a Triathlon? No more excuses.

Yep. This girl right here.

Since my bike ride earlier in June, I’ve really been looking for a new fitness challenge. I was talking with my Mama about it and she suggested I sign up for a triathlon. I”m not going to lie: that word gives me A LOT of anxiety.

Here’s a break-down of everything that went on in my head before signing up…

Excuse #1: I’m definitely not meant to be a triathlete.

Triathlon? Me? PFTTT. Those are event reserved only for those ‘natural-born athletes’. 

           Reality Check: I’m naturally a very strong swimmer, and I love cycling.

Running is definitely my weaker, but even so I can run a 5km with no training.

Excuse #2: I don’t want to injure myself

My back may not like the word triathlon…

Reality Check: Triathlons are safe for someone like me,

who can’t do too much high-impact activity,

because the swimming and cycling are low impact.

Cycling builds up leg muscles making running much easier on the joints,

because then the leg muscles absord most of the shock.

Excuse # 3: Triathletes  all workout 12 hours a day, and have crazy training programs.

I really just wouldn’t know where to begin.

Reality Check: Monday night I was reading some of my fave blogs,

when I stumbled across Tone It Up‘s new Triathlon Training Program.


And hey, guess what? It doesn’t consist of 12 hour workouts.

Just a mix of running, swimming, cycling and strength training…

Crazy? Revolutionary? Nope. Just superbly realistic.


So that was about all I needed before I decide I need to just do it. August 31st. 50 days. Guelph Lake. Sprint Triathlon.  Me. It’s happening.

Wish me luck.

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