Bike Month: I took the Pledge…

As you may already know June is Bike Month. And although I didn’t participate in yesterdays ‘Bike to Work’ day (my bike was in the shop, I SWEAR), I think biking to work is a great excuse to get two (additional) mini-workouts in each day, instead of the usual mundane, crowded bus ride.

So as of June 1st I will be giving up my bus pass. No, that doesn’t mean that I won’t be riding the bus or the metro when I’m going out on a Saturday night. I just mean, Monday to Friday my commute to and from work, shall now be via bicycletta.

my ride

my ride

So if you  too feel like saving the hundred-ish dollars you spend on a metro pass, or if you are so over this traffic gridlock on your commute, join me for bike month, and take the pledge to ride your bike to work in June.

For resources on which route to take, or how to tune up your bike check out these great sites for Toronto:

General Information and Maps: Bike Month 2013 

Information and Safety Tips: Smart Commute

An Interactive Bike Map:  Ride the City

What do you think? Would you/ Can you/will you/ make the switch?

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